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A participant management service supports the organization and administration of events and their participants. Located in the three phases - before, during and after the event, it can become one of the most important components of participant communication.

Our participant management helps you to simplify the complexity of events and their administration and to make workflows more efficient. From the invitation, to important aspects during an event, to the follow-up of an event - you are in permanent contact with your event participants.

Meeting Demand

An experienced team of event managers and web developers will competently support you from the beginning and help you to determine your needs.

Up to Date

The entire participation administration runs on one system, providing you with a quick overview of important information and analyses at the end of an event.


Conception Phase: Preparation and Invitation

Before an event, it is necessary to evaluate the data of the participants and to screen already existing data and to create an overall clean mailing list. Thereafter, it is a matter of preparing the invitation and registration in detail. Here it is important to consider in advance how the invitation should be designed, how it should be sent and what information is required from the participants.

Therefore the creation of the registration form has to be well thought out, as well as possibly different categories of participants, if these require different registration steps.


Registration and Support the Participant

 Responses and registration confirmations are used to maintain and complete all necessary participant information in order to keep track of and coordinate registrations and all other details.

Regardless of the number of participants, the registration process should run as smoothly as possible online.  An event Bulk Whatsapp and Bulk SMS also offers the possibility of providing participants with information during the event.

Follow Up and Communication

The chance to get personal feedback from the participants after the event should be used as much as possible. No matter whether by questionnaire, directly on site or as a subsequent survey by e-mail. Together with a personalized letter of thanks, the acceptance of the survey will be even higher. The opinions of the participants are enormously important and serve to monitor success. They are one of the most valuable sources of information for improvement for future events.


Every event - regardless of size and number of participants and regardless of the available budget or event format - benefits from structured participant management service.


Our Client to date, University of Dar es Salaam on Graduates Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) Training 2019-2023